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About / Services

About me

My story

I started photography in 2013 by photographing cosplay. After taking a few pictures, I really discovered that a simple photo could make you happy and also mark a moment forever in time. So I decided to enter a school specialized in this field: the EFET School of Photography and Audiovisual in Paris.

After graduating, I left for Japan to work as a photographer for Tokyo Girls' Update, a media specialized in Japanese pop-culture. Indeed, if photography is a passion that has guided my life choices, the world of Japanese entertainment and especially Japanese idols have influenced them too, over the years. These three years in a Japanese company taught me a lot about myself and my work. This has greatly helped me in the continuation of my Japanese adventure by creating my own web media on one part of the Japanese culture: BONJOUR IDOL.

After these five years in Tokyo, I felt the need to come back to France to find myself personally and professionally.

Photography is a way for me to please you and to immortalize important moments of your life. Whether it is your wedding, a photo session of everyday life or a professional one, it is a pleasure for me to accompany you!

Also known as " Nato-san ", you can follow my work on my Twitter account and my Instagram account.



特に、日本に関するイベントで活動中です (パリのジャパン・エキスポ等)。 コスプレ写真を専門にして、パリのEFET、オーディオ・ヴィジュアル・スクールでの写真専攻課程を卒業しました。

現在はコスプレ以外の撮影機会や新たな経験を探しております! 2015年から2017年の終わりまで東京で「Tokyo Girls’ Update」のカメラマンとして活動していて、現在「BONJOUR IDOL」というアイドルに関するメディアのプロデュースを担当しています。

また、「なとさん」 のニックネームでTwitterで日常生活や新しいプロジェクトをシェアしています。 様々な経験を重ねてきたフリーランス写真家として、ご要望にお応えすることができると信じています (ポートレート、写真集、結婚式、イベント、広告等).


My services

As a freelance entertainment photographer, I can offer you my services for various occasions such as: concerts, festivals and much more. I can also accompany you and your artists during your stay in Paris.

Feel free to contact me for more information.